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Circular Relativity: solo pop up exhibit

Hosted by Dawn David of Sotheby's Int. Realty #DRE 02024679  

with a bonus exhibit "Collaging Through" and

a Tribadometry 1.0 installation. 

by appointment 

316 Humboldt Rd, Brisbane CA

Triad  12_x24_
Growth Mindset  24_x12_
Mood  24x12 inches

Throughout my art practice, I have been fascinated with the language of relationships and the difference between prescriptive and descriptive labels. Each piece in this series is inspired by a word or phrase used to name or categorize relationships and group dynamics. My process starts by hand painting diffusing paper before using it to collage onto stretched canvas. I experimented with circular paper and was surprised and inspired by their innate self-containment. It seemed natural to use them to represent personalities and moods of individuals, but when I played with layering and placement, relationships between the circles were born. The balance, movement, and texture all reference how people exchange energy, emote feelings, and adhere to power structures when relating. This series celebrates the deep complexity of many types of relationships, romantic and platonic, while purposefully omitting the amatonormative ideal of one monogamous partnership until death. Relationships are fluid, valid, and valuable in many forms.