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Materials and Methods:

painting diffusing paper

work in progress

dried paper and paper rack

research with photocopies

Current project: Tribadometry 

Lesbian sexual positions embellished visually and conceptually with mathematics. 

Calculus of the Never ending To-Do List 

Developing project exploring the precarious balance of managing responsibilities and expectations, particularly from a neurodivergent, caregiving perspective. I'm trying to create a sense that the whole thing will fall apart if someone sneezes. 


What am I missing to convey that I'm serious about my art practice?

How would you complete the sentence, "I wonder why she hasn't done _____"  ? 

If you were in my shoes, as someone with very limited time, what would you prioritize improving with regards to how I present my practice or opportunities to pursue?

***color fastness, intentional evolution vs. fading, where to insert this conversation? 

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